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Best places for tourist in shimla

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General Information About Shimla

The resplendent town of Shimla is the pride of Himachal Pradesh Tourism and a matter of glory for the history of India. This glorious city was once known as the summer capital of India for the British rulers. The British left the country after Indian independence but their reminiscences linger in the culture and architecture of today’s Shimla City. In the contemporary times, the town is known for its lovely natural features, outstanding architecture and quixotic getaways. Thousands of tourists visit this hill station every year and admire the liveliness and charm of this majestic place.

The most special time to visit this place is around the month of December when Shimla receives snowfall and creates a mesmerizing view of the landscape. In other months of the year the green pastures soothe the eyes and produce a panoramic sight which is etched in your mind. Bliss for photographers, Shimla is picture perfect and therefore fabricates a panoramic scene requisite for photographs to treasure. The markets are loaded with articles worth collecting and artifacts bought from here illuminate the most lavish drawing rooms in the world.

There are numerous fairs and festivals which add to the glamour of this city. The weather is misty and cool and showers respite from the burning heat of Indian climate. Also, there are various religious spots that attract tourists to Shimla. In short, Shimla is a dream destination which allures you, pampers you and stays in your mind for the rest of your lives. So come to Shima and experience the enchantment.


Why Visit Shimla

Tourist Spots

Shimla is a place where a person can spend time in countless ways and all the ways can be equally memorable. The picnic spots are romantic, peaceful and tranquil and create a perfect ambience to pamper the souls of the travelers. This is the reason why Shimla is one of the most visited hill stations of India.

Natural Magnetism

The attraction in the natural glory of Shimla pulls numerous visitors to its embrace and creates myriad impressions in the minds of the travelers. In winter months the mountains of the mighty Himalayas are covered with a thick white sheet of snow and it creates a gripping view. Moreover at the time of Christmas and New Year, almost all the hotels of Shimla organize parties and extravaganzas which make the vacation even more unforgettable.


Shimla hosts a number of festivals and carnivals which act as a magnet for tourists as well as the native people. These carnivals include the Ice Skating Carnival, the Rhyali Festival, and the Summer festival. These festivals act as the mirror of the North Indian traditions and culture of Shimla. These festivals play a major role in the utmost success of Shimla Tourism.

Adventure Hub

Shimla is a center for various adventure sports which drag the adventure freaks to this splendid destination. These sports include fishing, golfing, mountaineering and paragliding. Shimla is a famous spot for exciting activities such as ice skating, skiing and trekking. In short, there is a plethora of options available for people who want to explore the wild aspect of their personalities.


Place Around

Mall Road

A stroll on the mall road is a must for the people visiting Shimla. This is one of the most famous attractions of Shimla and is almost all the times crowded with enthusiastic tourists. This is also one of the chirpiest commercial vicinity of Shimla. This road is also significant because it was constructed by the British in order to regulate the traffic of Shimla.

Shimla Ridge

The heart of all the cultural activities that illuminate the rich background of the mountains, The Ridge is the most famous region of Shimla. The Ridge is more important because of its location. This amazing tourist spot is located at the Mall Road and that is why it is so popular.


Those who are looking for serene picnic spot to relax and to unwind, Annandale is the perfect place. It is located at the distance of 2 kilometers from the centre of the city. A trip to Shimla is incomplete without a stopover at this lovely place.


Calm and peaceful nature at its best, the Glenn Forest is populated by countless Deodar trees. These trees form home for a variety of native as well as migratory birds and one can enjoy the diversity of nature at this divine picnic-spot. It was once famous as a playing field of Shimla, eminent for racing, polo and cricket which were the most favorite leisure pursuits of the British.

Prospect Hill

Propsect Hill is another attraction in Shimla which allures visitors with its thick vegetation and wide pastures. An amazing destination to rest for a picnic, the place is also famous for the Kamna Devi temple.