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Tour Packages For Pondicherry

General Information About Pondicherry

The name Pondicherry means ‘a new town’ and it is a union territory situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Union territory comprises of four parts namely Pondicherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe. The cozy little corner of the country which embraces you in its warm clasp, Pondicherry is certainly a delight to visit. The exotic charm of this city is enhanced by the French connection.

The city is a fusion of delightful locations, sparkling backwaters, serene beaches, exciting architecture and boulevards of mighty tress. A treat for the senses Pondicherry cossets you with all the things that it has to offer. Pondicherry is a calm and quiet place which is famous for the places offering spiritual rejuvenation. The place accommodates diverse cultures like Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Similarly there is a plethora of languages which are spoken by the people pf this lovely city. The mixture of the French Colonial Heritage with the rich Tamil Culture creates a wonderful harmony for an enjoyable vacation. This explains why people from near and far gather at this tranquil city to unwind and get revitalized.

This city is a favorable destination for shopping because the taxes that are levied are very low or non- existing. The traditional Dolls that are exclusively made here attract every visitor and this place is home to various world famous brands of leather, handmade paper and pottery. It can be easily asserted that Pondicherry is one of a kind city. It has an ambience which soothes our senses and alleviates your soul to a new height.

Why Visit Pondicherry


The beaches of Pondicherry are unique and untouched by the destructing touch of modernization. Unlike most of the beaches of India, theses beaches are clean and serene and form a great getaway for relaxation and tranquility. The main beaches of Pondicherry are Serenity Beach, Beach Road and Auroville Beach. These beaches attract the most number of visitors and form the vertebrae of Pondicherry tourism.


The breath taking view of the sea and the tempting markets of Pondicherry form a perfect combination for a remarkable vacation. The Serenity Beach Bazaar is one of the main attractions for the shopaholics. The market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The market is a hub for articles like handicrafts, garments, accessories, souvenirs and jewellery. There is a number of eating joints here which make your shopping even more pleasurable.


Temples like Manakula Vinayagar Koil, Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Vedhapureeswarar Temple, Kanniga Parameswari Temple, Pyramid Nataraj Temple, Kamatchiamman Temple and Panchavatee Temple make Pondicherry a religiously momentous place and that is one of the main factors why so many travelers feel entranced by the fascination of this town.


There is a number of Museums in Pondicherry which acquaint you with the history, culture and main attractions of this unique city. The main museums of Pondicherry are The Pondicherry Museum, Bharathi Memorial Museum, Children’s Museum, Bharathidasan memorial Museum and Jawahar Toy Museum. These museums form an inevitable part of the visit to Pondicherry and therefore they deserve a visit.


Place Around

Pondicherry Botanical Gardens

The Botanical garden was built in the year 1826. It is situated in the south of the New Bus Stand and is one of the most visited places of the city. The Gardens are an illustration of the wide variety of flowers and plants that embellish them. A favorite spot for picnic and outing these gardens rank high in the preference list of the tourists.

French War Memorial

It is War memorial erected in the honour and memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War. Everyday numerous tourists come to visit this place and pay their obeisance to the brave souls.

Promenade, Beach Road

The beach road is one place in Pondicherry which forms the essence of the visit to Pondicherry. This road creates an outstanding location to spend an evening. This is the reason why on holidays and weekends, this road is the busiest and hustling with crowd.

Serenity Beach

This 1.5 Kilometers long virgin beach is an exotic spot which calls the exhausted souls to laze away an evening while enjoying the sunset. This beach is an ideal location for sunbath and relaxation.

Jawahar Toy Museum

A little paradise for children and a fantasy for the grownups, the Jawahar Toy Museum is home to a number of kinds of pretty dolls that form the main attraction here. Besides this, the Fairyland which spellbinds the visitors is an awesome feature of this unique museum. The Fairyland is protected by a tiny Ganesha who is watching all the events in the Museum.