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Mount Abu

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Mount Abu Package Tour

General Information About Mount Abu

Away from the scorching sun, situated in the lap of the Aravalis, the Hill station named Mount Abu is a marvelous summer retreat for the tourists yearning for some cool atmosphere. Now a popular hill-station, Mount Abu was once the summer retreat for the Maharajas. Located at the height of 1,219 meters above the sea level, this place is also called the oasis of the desert.

Mount Abu was once the resting place of many saints and sages who used to live here away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is a popular belief that Mount Abu was a much loved place for 330 million Gods and Goddesses. In the present times Mount Abu is visited by thousands of visitors every year because of its rich Flora and Fauna and its cool and cheerful ambience. There is no dearth of lakes, waterfalls, mountains and forests and therefore it is the perfect recipe for a delightful vacation.

On the religious plane Mount Abu allures you with its famous temples like Delwara Temple and Adhar Devi. In addition to all this, the richness of the Wild life of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary takes your breath away with ultimate variety and awesome natural splendor. Trevor’s Crocodile Park is home to innumerous crocodile which amaze and astonish their onlookers by their hugeness and wildness. For those who want to admire the beauty and calmness of the setting sun, the Sunset Point is another hot spot. In short, Mount Abu gives you surprises after surprises and makes you believe that it is one of the most incredible tourist spots of the country.


Why Visit Mount Abu

Romantic Spots

The captivating beauty of this place and the pleasant weather makes this place one of the most romantic place for the love birds. Places like the Honeymoon Point and the Sunset point make a perfect spot for everlasting memories.


The wildlife of Mount Abu adds to the natural charm of this place. The wide variety of birds leaves every visitor impressed and the diversity of the species of wild animals leaves you enthralled.

Historical Value

The places like Achal Garh tell the saga of historical importance of this place and ads to the historical heritage of Rajasthan.

Religious Significance

The Delwara temple and the Gaumukh temple create a religious pilgrimage and feed the religious sentiments of the people coming here. Besides that they provide for the cerebral peace and the tranquility of the soul.

Shoppers’ paradise

Mount Abu is a hub for the shopping maniacs who look for things to collect from such tourist destinations. The markets of Mount Abu are flooded with the items from Rajasthan and Gujarat including handicrafts, brass work, crockery, paintings and jewellery items. There is something for people of every age and every taste. The wooden articles of Mount Abu are very famous and create an absolutely unforgettable memory of this wonderful place.

Natural Splendor

The landscape is embellished by mountains, lake, forests and forest trails. The most famous Jungle Trails of this place are Bailey’s Walk, Craig’s Walk, Rishikesh Trail and Tiger Trail. These trails provide an opportunity to feel the magical touch of the nature from a closer distance.


Place Around

Nakki Lake

It is a lake in the heart of the town and has a significant mythological importance. That is why the native people worship this lake and consider it as a holy spot. Cherish the moment with your partner in a romantic boat or enjoy with you family in the serene water of the lake, Nakki Lake is certainly one of the major attractions of this place.

Delwara Temple

Delwara Jain Temple is popular not only in India but all over the world for the architectural finesse and intricate beauty. Consisting of five main sections, the temples were built in the 11th century A.D. Delwara Temples is the evidence of amazing work of craftsmanship and design and therefore this temple is a must visit tourist place.

Achal Garh

A fortress having historical significance, Achal Garh is a well preserved monument of the royal state of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

A home to the rarest and most exciting species of animals and birds, the Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest parts of this magical city.  Home to around 250 species of birds and animals like the Leopard Sloth Bear, Sambar, Langur and Wild Boar, the sanctuary is thrilling to the core.

Sunset Point

‘The setting Sun at its best’. If you want to experience the magical aura of the setting Sun, the Sunset Point will enchant you with its tranquility and calm atmosphere.

Gaumukh Temple

It is believed that Saint Vashishtha performed a holy yagna at this place and that is why it is so relevant in the Hindu mythology. A perfect picnic destination as well as a cherished religious point, Gaumukh temple is a must visit spot.

Trevor’s Crocodile Park

An amazing place home to innumerable Crocodiles and an incredible display of the rich flora of this area, Trevors Crocodile Park is an exhilarating safari.