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Mandawa Tour Packages

Mandwa Tour Packages

General Information About Mandawa

Packed with ecstatic beauty and bathed with a golden luster, the town of Mandawa is situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It seems that the desert starts blooming in countless hues when one sees the myriad homes embellished with cheerfully painted frescos and patterns.

The charm of this panorama illumines the infinite beauty of the place. The name of Mandawa was given to it by Rao Shekhaji who also found a dynasty here in ancient times. Earlier it was a colony for trade and business for the caravan routes that came here from China and Middle East regions. In order to protect this colony against any exterior forces, Thakur Nawal Singh who was a ruler of Mandawa, built a fort around this colony in 1755. In a very short period, there was a community of people who settled around this fort and thus this township was developed. In the later period of the 18th century, the caravan traffic was abolished and the traders settled in other parts of the country, but they came back here to construct lavish mansions which are a prime attraction of this small town.

The breath taking castles and the painted Havelis display the exuberant personalities of the native people and provide a glance at the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The forts of Mandawa exhibit the intricate work of carvings, painting and mirror work which leave every visitor mesmerized with its awe-inspiring grandeur. All in all, the town of Mandawa is a must visit spot which leaves you astonished with the culture, architecture and its rich historical significance.


Why Visit Mandawa


Indulge yourself in the luxurious masterpieces of architecture and the royal style of living which the Havelis are an evidence of. The long line of Havelis which tell a saga of the rich heritage of this place allures you and makes a long lasting impact with exquisiteness and charisma.


If you are an antique hunter then the treasure of Mandawa has many jewels for you. The small market comprises of many shops which deal in antique crafts and attractive paintings. The handicrafts and artwork available in these markets add to the magnetism of this gorgeous town market.


If the tourists want to experience the rustic magic of the deserts of Rajasthan, then thrilling excursions from the town of Mandawa can be planned. Nearby places such as Parsurampura, Nawalgarh, Fatehpur and Dundlod can provide as alluring options. These neighboring places are famous for their exquisite architecture, ancient monuments and Havelis.


The Gangaur festival is celebrated with great pomp and show and starts a day before the great festival of Holi. This exciting festival is one of the main attractions of the culture of Rajasthan and it is celebrated till 18 days. The festival is dedicated Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Processions carrying the idols of Goddess Parvati pass through the streets and create a beautiful scene.


The minute details of the history of the trade during the 18th century can be witnessed only after coming to this exciting place. The traders of the bygone era have embellished the city in the utmost impressive manner and that is what attracts the most number of tourists to this place.


Place Around

Mandawa Fort

One of the key attractions of Mandawa, the fort was founded by Nawal Singh around 18th century. The fort is situated in the midst of the breathtakingly stunning Aravalis and present an awesome view of the landscape. The fort is well-known for its gorgeous portico which is embellished with the murals and illustrations from the ancient Hindu mythology. The fort is the gem of Mandawa and should not be missed while visiting this place.

Binsidhar Newtia Haveli

The past residence of the Newtias, the Haveli is an instance of immaculate architecture of the princely state of Rajsthan. The fascinating craftsmanship on the walls, windows and doors of the Haveli indicate the brilliance in the taste of the Newtias.

Thakurji Temple

A grand and splendid temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Thakurji temple is central to the visit to Mandawa. Built by devoted traders and merchants, the temple is visited by countless number of devotees every year. A major attraction of the Thakurji temple is the painting from the mutiny of 1857. Visitors are astonished to see the painting depicting soldiers being shot by the cannons.

Goenka Chhatri

Adorned by dazzling and spectacular paintings, the Chhatri is one of the hot spots for the tourists. The medieval ambience and the imposing architecture leave every visitor spellbound.

Jhunjhunwala Haveli

One of the most elaborate and exquisite pieces of architecture, the Haveli is one of the most splendid palaces of the town. The walls and the roofs of the Haveli articulate the lavish lifestyle of the people and the golden leaves on the walls create a lasting impression on the visitors.