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Best Leh Tour Packages

General Information About Leh

If you wish to admire the pinnacle of creativity of God Almighty and witness one of the most mesmerizing locations of the world, then the name of Leh is inevitable. Wrapped and cuddled in the embrace of the mighty Himalayas, Leh is a synonym for peace, tranquility, natural magnificence and awesome weather. The turquoise water of the lakes and the artistic patterns of the clouds in the background of a vast expanse with imposing mountains, make you want to stay here forever. This is the reason why despite having an uneasy access, Leh is one of the most desired tourist locations of people all over the world. Such is the grandeur of this Trans Himalayan district of Jammu and Kashmir. Travel enthusiasts from all over the world cover impossible distances, just to have a glance at the exquisiteness of this place.

Leh is also the capital of Ladakh and is graced by the flow of river Zanskar which adds to the gorgeousness of this town. The snow capped peaks acquire a golden hue by the hesitant touch of the rising sun and creates an incredible panorama of luster and glow. In addition to its natural splendor, Leh is also famous for its Buddhist monasteries, hiking spots and other adventure sports.

Places like the Magnetic Valley, Leh Royal Palace, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Morriri make Leh one  the most irresistible tourism attraction of the World. Leh is the most sparkling gem in the crown of Indian Tourism. After visiting this spectacular place one cannot stop himself from saying-“Here is God’s plenty”.



Why Visit Leh

Natural Beauty, Natural Beauty and Natural Beauty

The natural gorgeousness of Leh is unparalleled and cannot be compared to any other place. The colours of nature are here in abundance. The blue water, the azure sky, the brown mountains capped with white cottony mountains and the crimson clouds, create an awe- inspiring view which cannot become evanescent in memories ever in life.

The Buddhist Monasteries

The Monasteries are preferred destinations of people belonging not only to Buddhism but all the religions and backgrounds of the world. They are a silent refuge from the annoying din and bustle of the cities. A safe haven for meditation and mental peace, the monasteries are a prime attraction in the city of Leh. The statues of Budhha and the positive energies of the monasteries make them much desirable and worth visiting.


Be it the glory of the mountains or the sanctity of the monasteries, the various attractions in Leh are worth capturing in the camera. These are an absolute delight for a photographer who is keen to capture this wonderful extravaganza in his camera.


Hiking, road trip, Camel Safari and what not, the magic box of Leh has numerous things to offer for the wild souls who are on a lookout for some extreme adventure. Camping in Leh can be great fun if planned appropriately and a Barbeque would make it even more delightful. Mountain Climbing in Leh can be tremendously thrilling and it is one manner in which the adventurous and the audacious souls can feel the mountains from a closer space.


Place Around

Nubra Valley

A great place to explore the magnificent Leh, Nubra Valley is famous for its natural splendor and Camel Safari. The place is a blend of diverse features. It has the aridness of a desert, the beauty of the sand dunes and the charm of the wetlands. The local village has picturesque setting and the most humble people who welcome you with utmost hospitality.


Thiksey Monastery, Alchi Choskor Monastery, Monastero Chemre Gompa, Monestero Spituk and Phyang Monastery are some of the main monasteries of Leh. These monasteries are a stunning example of the mystique and charisma of Buddhist Culture. Visited by countless people every year, these monasteries form the main part of the Leh visit.

Magnetic Hill

The magnetic hill is one of the prime attractions of Leh. The hills are an example of God’s creativity. The hills are believed to have a magnetic attraction and this statement has a scientific as well as critical connotation. Some people witness the round movement of compasses at this place and some believe that it’s just an optical illusion. But whatever it is the hills are so breathtakingly beautiful that they deserve a visit weather magnetic or not.

Stoke Palace Museum

The building of the museum and the attractions inside take you many centuries behind the present time and thus create a memorable experience. The art pieces inside the museum are stunning and are a unique instance of art at its best.

Leh Royal palace

The palace is an excellent evidence of architectural excellence and sophistication of Indian Royalty. The palace provides a spectacular view of Leh city and therefore it is visited by a flock of tourists every year. A photogenic monument, the palace is a jackpot for the photo maniacs.


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