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General Information About Kovalam

A heavenly location, Kovalam is rightly known as ‘the Paradise of the South’. Situated 16 kilometers from the center of Kerala, Kovalam is one of the most astonishing locations of the country. The name Kovalam means the land of Coconut trees. Loaded with the attributes of natural beauty and relaxing landscape, Kovalam offers the divine sight of trails of Coconut trees.

The beaches of Kovalam are matchlessly awesome and also there is a long line of beaches that can be visited while visiting this divine place. Untouched by filth and litter, the beaches are clean and sparkling. The unbound beauty of the beaches in Kovalam takes the breath away of any rational soul and thus creates memories that are cherished for a lifetime. An exotic spot for photography, the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea seem to be posing in the most attractive manner for the most striking pictures in the world. The sunrise and sunset on the beaches of this exquisite city mesmerize with warm glow as if blessing this amazing place with utmost grandeur.

Encompassing the most romantic locations of the world, Kovalam is the most treasured place for the love birds. Away from the din and bustle of the hustling traffic and monotonous car horns, Kovalam enchants you and makes you feel that this is the most serene, most restful and most stunning place on this earth. This is the fact that explains the large crowd of visitors that line up to visit the natural splendor of this city.


Why Visit Kovalam


It doesn’t matter if it’s the Sea shore or the backwaters of Kovalam, the water in Kovalam is divine and majestic and this is the reason why Kerala is famous as God’s own country. It is no surprise that because of the serene water of Kovalam, there are a number of beaches that are very popular and form the major tourist spots if this city. The water accompanied by the greenery presents a breath taking landscape and is an example of poetic beauty.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of Kovalam as a tourist spot is its handicrafts. The markets of Kovalam are comprised of refined showrooms offering fine wood carved showpieces and articles. Brass items and Kathakali items are other allurement of the markets here. The ivory articles present an age old tradition of art and this is one of the reasons why these markets are flooded with customers all year round.


Kerala is a hub of Ayurvedic therapies and other Ayurvedic rejuvenating massages and packs. The combination of impressive oils and packs with the gentle and healing touch of these masseurs is unsurpassed. This is the reason why all the major hotels and recreation centers here have spas which provide all these brilliant services.


The sunset in Kovalam is another attraction that pulls visitors to the shores. Watching the slow motion sinking of the mighty sun is romantic as well as relaxing.


The south Indian food is famous for its mild taste and its rich aroma. Fish and rice forms the staple food here but it is surprising to see in how many ways the people can cook the same fish and rice. It is also remarkable that in each different way the food is extremely scrumptious.


Place Around

Light House Beach

An exotic beach house embellished by the presence of a red and white larger than life light house, the light house beach is one of the main tourist attractions of this amazing place. Tourist and native place take pleasure in walking and enjoy cycling on this serene beach.

Karamana River and Boating

The backwaters of Kerala which are famous for their serenity and beauty are at its sparkling best in Karamana River of Kovalam. The river is also well-known for its boat ride which makes you enjoy every moment that you spend here. The breath taking greenery of this place leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of the travelers and therefore Karamana River forms an inevitable part of Kovalam visit.

Vellayani Lake

This mighty lake is situated at a distance of about seven kilometers from Kovalam. This freshwater Lake is amongst the few freshwater lakes of Kovalam and it presents a mesmerizing view especially on the full moon nights. The moonlight washes everything in milky white light and thus creates myriad memorable impressions in the memory of the visitors.


Romantic to the core, this amazing place is a hot spot for tourists who have escaped their busy schedules for a romantic getaway. Edakallu is a famous place which is famous for its sunset view. It is situated between the Light House Beach and the Eve’s Beach. The enchanting combination of the blue water and the warm crimson sky creates an unparalleled view and is worth giving a visit.