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General Information About Khajuraho

The town of Khajuraho is renowned for its majestic temples and astounding architecture. But the reason that makes Khajuraho different from all other holy cities of India is that the temples portray more of erotic postures and scenes rather than the idols of Deities and Gods. It is sometimes believed that the sculptures and carvings are a representation of the various postures suggested in the Kamasutra. The statues and carvings represent not only the eroticism but also the traditions of dance and music.

Built in the period between 10th and 11th centuries, the temples pull a large number of tourists who are eager to discover the mystic side of Hinduism. The reminiscence of the Chandela dynasty, the temples are included in the World heritage sites list of UNESCO. Also called ‘The land of the moon God’, Khajuraho fills every visitor with a sublime sense of pleasure. It is not a matter of surprise that Khajuraho temples are the second most sought after tourism destination after the ’Taj Mahal’ of Agra. It is also included in the list of seven wonders of India.

Khajuraho is situated in the Chatttarpur district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and is conveniently accessible by air, rail or road ways. The climate of the city is extreme Tropical in which the temperature can get as scorching hot as 47 degree Celsius in the summers and it can get as chilly as 4 degree Celsius in the winters. It is therefore necessary to wisely plan a tour of the ancient temples which offer a sensual aspect of Hindu mythology and architecture.


Why Visit Khajuraho

Art and Architecture

The art and architecture enthralls the people who come to have a glance at the sculptures and carvings. The traditions in the music and dance of the country are depicted through the sculptures and they give a peek into the courtly decorum of ancient India.

The Erotic side of divinity

The poses and positions as portrayed in Vatsyayan’s ‘Kamasutra’ have been immortalized on the walls of the Khajuraho temples. The beauty and charm of Indian theories of pleasure attract a huge crowd of admirers.


The replicas of the original sculptures of Khajuraho are available in the markets of Khajuraho and can form a great souvenir for the memory of the marvelous temples.

Apart from this, the Crafts Emporium which is a government authorized enterprise offers a great variety of rich Indian gold and silver ornaments.

If you are a flea-market fan then Khajuraho offers something for you too. There is weekly market organized on every Tuesday which offers a great variety of silver and brass ware.


If you have a craving for your sweet tooth then there is a lot that is available for you in this place. The Cashew Barfi, Lavang Lata, Kusli, Khurma and Moong dal ka halwa are extremely famous and relish- able delights.

Flora and Fauna

Apart from its architecture, proud history, markets and religious value, the Khajuraho houses birds and beasts on a large-scale. The rocks in the Ken Gharial Sanctuary are volcanic, which thrill the visitors. The waterfalls captivate the audience with their beauty and splendor. The crocodiles are present in plenty, surrounded by a large variety of trees and plants which is a delight for every nature lover.


Place Around

Khajuraho Temples

The temples are the prime attraction of the town of Khajuraho. The carvings and sculptures are admired by the tourists and they are spell bound by the architecture of the temples. The sound and light show in the Western group of temples is one of the main attractions of the temples.

Entry fee: Rs 10 for Indians and $10 for foreigners.
Entry fee for the sound and light show: Rs 75 for Indian Adults and Rs 25 for Children.
Entry fee for foreigner adults: Rs 300 and Rs 150 for their children.
Timings: The temples are open from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Other temples

There are numerous other temples that deserve a visit namely Kendriya Mahadev temple, Lakshmana Temple, Adinath temple, Devi Jagadamba temple and Parsvanath temple.

Jain Museum

An extremely impressive collection of Jain paintings is preserved in a polygon museum building. The Museum acquaints you with the peace and calmness characteristic of Jainism. It is right beside the Jain temple so it should not be missed while visiting Khajuraho.

Panna National Park

The park is approximately 20 kilometers away from the Khajuraho temples and you can hire a guide if you want to be familiar with the flora and fauna in the park. Home for a large variety of animals including tigers, deers, monkeys and rare species of birds, the Panna National Park is a bonus in the pack of Khajuraho temples. The waterfalls are mesmerizing and they provide a panorama which is exciting and relaxing at the same time. But it will be suitable to visit the park in monsoon time because that’s when the waterfalls are at their pinnacle of beauty.