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Best Jodhpur Tour Packages

Best Jodhpur Tour And Sightseening Packages

General Information About Jodhpur

Situated in the austere deserts of the Thar, Jodhpur is a princely city in the state of Rajasthan. Popularly recognized as the Sun City, Jodhpur is acknowledged to be a charismatic hub of tourism. It is called Sun City because the Sun God shines over this ecstatic city all year round with the same intensity. The barrenness of the deserts and the liveliness of the people create a sharp antithesis which is worth appreciating.

The people of Jodhpur are known to be the most humble and warm people of the country. Their moustaches may seem fierce but their hearts are mellow and they always greet and welcome the people who come to eulogize their land. The colors donned by the native men and women not only illuminate their vivacious personalities but also allure one to admire them. The fascinating living style enthralls the new visitors and the culture provides a peek in to the prosperous history of the place.

Besides this, the architecture of the city is classic royal “Rajasthani” and creates admirers in almost every part of the world. The forts of Jodhpur tell a saga of heroism and valor and the palaces indicate the majestic lifestyle which the Maharajas of this place used to enjoy. The folk dance of Jodhpur is peppy and exuberant and it compels you to shake a leg even if you are just a stranger to the music. Similarly, the folk art of this majestic city is the synonym of the absolute historic grandeur it is proud to possess.

Why Visit Jodhpur

Fairs and Festivals

Festivals like the Marwar Festival, the Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival, and the Nagaur festival pull a huge crowd of visitors as well as the natives. The piquant colors of Jodhpur and the exciting lifestyle of Rajasthan are apparent in the fairs and festivals. The Marwar festival is held in the month of September-October and it goes on for two days. In the Jodhpur International Desert Kite festival, the kite flyers from India as well as from abroad gather in Jodhpur to take pleasure in the sport of kite flying. Similarly, the Nagaur Festival goes on for 8 days and is one of the most popular fairs of India.

Tourism Spots

Tourism spots including forts, palaces, lakes, museums and markets create an all embracing experience for the people who come here. The architecture and the history of the city and its monuments drag tourist to have a glimpse at the grandeur and the greatness.


The Bandhini work on Rajasthani fabrics is popular world-wide. The antique craft works and royal paintings put together a plethora of options for the visitors who cannot resist shopping for these treasures.


It’s not only about royalty, the temples of Jodhpur are so large in number and so rich in splendor, that the spiritual aspect of the visitors is also nourished to the core. Temples like Chamundaji Temple, Rasik Bihari Temple, Raj Ranchoddji Temple, Sidhhanth Shiv temple and Baba Ramdeo temple fashion a religious pilgrimage in addition to the other attractions.


Place Around

Umaid Bhavan Palace

It is one of the recently built palaces of India as compared to the other historical palaces. The palace was constructed to provide employment to the people of Jodhpur who were struggling with famine and draught at that time. In 1977, the palace was converted into a hotel and the royal family of Jodhpur still resides in a part of the palace.

Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh fort is one of the most spectacular and most colossal forts of Rajasthan. It is counted among the best forts of India. On a visit to the city of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh fort must not be missed. The most remarkable feature of the fort is the marks of battles fought through this fort which are still present on the gates of this fort. The magnificence of the fort is as significant as its history and therefore it forms an inevitable part of a trip to Jodhpur.

Balsammand Lake

The breathtakingly stunning lake is embraced by a row of huge mountains which add to the splendor of this popular picnic spot. Neighboring the famous Balsammand Palace, the lake attracts a large number of visitors.

The Jaswant Thada

It was constructed in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II and is a testimony of the architectural brilliance which is quintessential to the lifestyle of Rajasthan. The marble carvings on the cenotaph leave the tourists mesmerized and impressed.

Governement Museum

Standing tall in the middle of the Umaid public gardens, the museum embraces the most exquisite assortment of textiles, weapons, portraits and crafts.


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