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Jim Corbett Park

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General Information About Jim Corbett Park

The world famous Jim Corbett Park is situated at the foothills of the imposing Himalayas. Covering a sprawling area of 1318 Square Kilometers, the park is an amazing extravaganza for nature lovers. The landscape of this expansive wildlife park is awesome and mesmerizing to the core. The Himalayas join the green forests to create a harmony of beauty and serenity.

The Park is mainly famous for the tigers which are present here in a number more than anywhere else. This endangered species is pampered here so that this valuable treasure can be prevented from getting extinct. Not only the tigers but the numerous species of birds that are the inhabitants of this majestic park allure the visitors to come and share the space with the happy and colourful creatures of God. Besides this, the trees and plantations in the forest enchant with their mystic beauty and the creatures that they are home to. The diverse variety of trees that are present here is a pointer to the rich fauna of this place including trees like Khair, Sal, Sissoo and Oak.

Apart from this there is a large variety of various grasses, bamboos and herbs. The little creations of God are scattered all over the park and provide a sneak peek into the features of these tiny organisms. It is believed that the park provides home to at least 600 species of attractive birds. Away from the deafening locales and ear piercing resonances of the city life, the park provides a silent and exciting getaway to be enjoyed with enthusiasm and admiration. These are the main rationales behind the park being such a tourist favorite.


Why Visit Jim Corbett Park


The Flora and Fauna is the major attraction of this place and that is why tourists from all over the world come to visit this grand place. The hub and house of the regal Tiger, this place is home to many other rare species of animals and birds. There is an extremely wide variety of reptiles and creatures that reside in this park and add to the wild treasure of this exciting place. The trees, herbs, bamboos, ferns, shrubs and grasses of this park add to the glory of this magnificent reserve and that forms the reason why people love to visit this place.


The Park is also a perfect spot for the adventure lovers. One can enjoy trekking on the trails of the jungle and feel the power of nature as closely as never before.

Para Sailing is also a popular activity which can be done from high peaks of the mighty Himalayas. An extreme adventure activity like Mountain Biking which is not easily available at every place is available here and one can enjoy it to the fullest.


The serene atmosphere of the forest flavoured with the silent company of the wild beasts gives this place a mystic as well as a relaxing ambience. It is very relaxing to have a quite walk along the trails in the pin drop silence of the jungle.


The Panoramic view of natural treasures is abundant in Jim Corbett National Park. It is evident from the gorgeousness of the Waterfalls and the background which is illuminated by the presence of the Majestic Himalayas.


Place Around


Situated at the hemlines of Patli Dun Valley, Dhikala is perhaps the most appreciated places in Jim Corbett Park. It is through this valley that the Ramganga flows and gives this place mesmerizing view and ambience. The rest house is a piece of historical architecture and forms an amazing resting spot. The Kanda Ridge in the backdrop of this divine place provide a breath taking scene and thus makes this place one of the most visited place in Jim Corbett National Park.

Garjia Temple

Just 14 kilometers away from Ramnagar towards Ranikhet, this splendid place is accompanied by the awesome journey to reach here. The amazing hills of Ranikhet enchant you with a view that is rare and memorable. The temple is situated over a huge rock in the middle of the river Kosi. A perfect spot for photographic memories, this place is a must visit when you come to Jim Corbett National Park.

Corbett Falls

A 20 meters high waterfall in the midst of the rich and diverse vegetation of the Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett Falls is one of the most spectacular places to enjoy a picnic. It is an out of the world experience as the beauty and the liveliness of the flowing water takes your breath away and leaves you charmed.

Corbett Wildlife Museum

Located in the Kaladhungi which is just three kilometers away from the main city, the Corbett Wildlife Museum is the star attraction of the Jim Corbett national Park. The museum exhibits the paintings, artifacts, manuscripts and sketches which are exciting as well as knowledgeable.