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General Information About Amritsar

A prominent city of Northern India, Amritsar is revered city for the people of Sikh religion. It is the cultural and spiritual hub of Sikhs Amritsar is famous for more than one reasons. Harmandir Sahib which is the most respected place for the people of Sikh religion is the jewel of Amritsar. Amritsar has a charm and charisma which is unparalleled to any other city of India. There are numerous tourist spots here that are counted among the most favorite tourist destinations in India.

Apart from this Amritsar has a significant importance in the history of Indian independence. The famous Jallianwala Bagh Massacre was an incident which took place in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar. This is the reason why Jallianwala Bagh is one of the most visited places in Amritsar. There are places like Wagah Border which are so close to Amritsar that one can visit all these spots in a single day. Moreover, the food of Amritsar is a specialty of its own. The mouthwatering Naans and Kulchas are two famous breads which are the specialty of the cuisine of Amritsar. Amritsar is also an educational hub as the most well-known colleges of Punjab are located here.

There is no doubt that Amritsar forms an all inclusive package of fun, history, religion and delicacies. Take a tranquil dip in the hallowed waters of the great Golden temple and you will feel the positive energy flowing through your body. This holy place is a living example of the utmost dedication and purity of the Sikh religion and that is what makes Amritsar a must visit tourist destination in India.



Why Visit Amritsar

A Patriotic Streak

The thrill and enthusiasm one feels after visiting Wagah Border is rare. It is a proof of the facts that no matter how busy and lost we might be in our fast lives, the colour of patriotism is still strong in our personalities. The same is true for Jallianwala Bagh. The reminiscences of the massacre leave every Indian and even the foreigners filled with a feeling of disgust against the brutal actions of the General. It also admires a feeling of pity and sympathy for the people who lost their lives on the unfateful day.

Attractive Markets

The markets are sparkling with the famous Punjabi Juttis (shoes), Colourful fabrics, paintings and portraits of the great Sikh Gurus. There is also a variety of musical instruments that are available in the markets of Amritsar.

Religious Rejuvenation

One can truly feel the positive vibrations of the religious places of Amritsar and this explains why tourists from all over the world travel long distances just to have a dip in the holy waters of the pond in Golden temple. No matter how troubled the times are, a devoted bow at the temple takes all your worries away and makes you feel that everything is soon going to be alright.


The Punjabi cuisine is famous for its richness and its piquant flavors. This is clearly reflected in the cuisine of Amritsar which comprises of Butter Chicken, Naan, a variety of Kulchas and the famous Lassi. One cannot stop himself from drowning in the flavors of Amritsar which can never be forgotten.

Place Around

Golden Temple

One of the most amazing places in India, Golden temple has a historical as well as religious edge. The Golden Temple is admired by Indian as well as foreigners of all cultures and backgrounds. The fishes in the holy pond allure you and attract you to come, stand and watch them for a while. Golden temple is certainly one of the most admired places of Amritsar.

Jallianwala Bagh

The garden is evidence of one of the darkest day in the history of the imperial rule of the British. Hundreds of innocent people including women and children were killed and thousands wounded when General Dyer opened fire on the naive souls. There are bullet marks on the walls of the garden and a lamp which is lit in the memory of those who lost their life for the sake of their country. There is a well which was full of bodies of the people that jumped into the well to save their lives from the cruelty of the evil General. While visiting Amritsar, Jallianwala Bagh is a must visit place.

Wagah Border

It takes around 30 minutes from Amritsar to drive to this remarkable destination. The Border Security Force of India displays the vein of patriotism that flows in the body of every Indian. The crowd waving the flag and cheering out loud in the support of the soldiers of their country is a great sight.

Central Sikh Museum

The museum is housed in the Golden Temple Complex and it displays the awesome paintings and portraits of the brave and noble Sikh Gurus.


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