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Ajanta Ellora

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General Information About Ajanta Ellora

India is a land of mind-blowing scenes and breath-taking natural splendor. One of the most prominent hotspots of India, Ajanta and Ellora Caves are located in the in the Indian state of Maharashtra, near Jalgaon. The caves are approximately 400 kilometers away from Mumbai. They are situated on the boundaries of the tranquil village of Ajintha.

The caves are carved astoundingly into huge hillside rocks in an awe-inspiring location. One of the main attractions of the caves is the paintings and sculptures which are said to be the great reflections of the Buddhist religious art. These paintings portray astonishing tales from the Jataka.  Some paintings also represent ideas from the as frescos which depict the Silgriya paintings of Sri Lanka.

The caves form the part of rich Indian heritage as the building of the caves can be traced back to around 2nd century BCE. The caves were constructed in two phases. The second phase was around 600 C.E.
Every year tourists from diverse parts of the world pour in to visit the caves and now the caves are protected under the Archeological Survey of India. The caves are so highly admired that they have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are 34 caves in total and offer a stunning experience of peace and serenity. Marvelous architecture leaves everyone speechless. The most exciting part of this vacation spot is that there are several other astonishing spots which are situated near these gorgeous caves. They must be visited if one comes to see the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. This is the reason why, when it comes to visiting the most spectacular locations of the world, the name of Ajanta and Ellora caves cannot be missed.


Why Visit Ajanta Ellora

A place like the Ajanta and Ellora needs no specific reason to visit. In this contemporary world when no one has the time to stop and appreciate the past, these spots provide a tranquil and soothing experience which is worth remembering for a lifetime. The following reasons are well-known to visit Ajanta and Ellora:

Historical Richness

The rich historical significance which this place owns is of no match with any other place. It is a combination of religion and architecture, beauty and serenity and peace and pleasure.

Serene Location

When no corner of the world is free from noise and bustling, this peaceful place offers some moments of harmony and calm. The caves are located at a suitable distance from the parking spaces and seem to be untouched by the exterior disturbances.

Religious Significance

The followers of three religions namely the Hinduism, the Buddhism and the Jainism, revere this place and admire its spiritual significance. This is one of the main reasons why these caves attract a lot of tourists all year round.

Art and Culture

The paintings and carvings in the caves are a matter of proud for the country and when it comes to the lovers of art, this place ranks at a very high position. No fond artist or appreciator of art can escape the mysticism and charm of the paintings displayed in the caves. These paintings represent the tales from the Jatakas and thus represent the Indian culture at its best.


Place Around

Ajanta Caves

The caves are world-famous for their rich structural design and their historical significance. The facility of bus and pick-drops is available and there is a short and green four kilometers walk from the parking space which is absolutely worth it.

Timings: 9 A.M. to Sunset every day except Mondays. Entry fee for foreigners is 10 US Dollars.

Ellora Caves

These caves tell the tale of religious passion and co existence of three diverse religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. A perfect example of unity in diversity, the Ellora caves are free to enter except for the wonderful open air Kailasa temple. There is an entry fee of US $ 5 for the temple. There is no entry fee for children up to 15 years of age.

The Daulatabag Fort

The famous capital of Muhammad- Bin- Tughlaq, the fort is the testimony of invincible power and therefore it is worth visiting. The Andheri Zone of the fort is one of the main attractions.

Timings: 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. every day.

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs.100 for foreigners.

Bibi Ka Maqbara

Famous as the “Taj of the Deccan”, this cute replica of the great “Taj” is worth a stopover. It was built by Aurangzeb’s son for his mother. This ancient monument is the evidence of the great Mughal architecture.